EP on iTunes
05 Nov 2009
Armada's new single 'A Line in the Sand' is now available worldwide at iTunes.

Beside 'A Line In the Sand' the EP features the song 'Baby's Come Undone' and the 'Atlas Mountains Mix of Morocco
' which you can hear at the Armada's myspace music player

Armada and Dangerous
05 Nov 2009
WAYNE SHEEHY was drummer in cult Irish band Cactus World News but quit in 1989. He then went on to play drums with Hinterland and Hothouse Flowers, as well as a certain Ronnie Wood, Robert Palmer and Bo Diddley. Rightly proud of his musical CV, Sheehy (first on the right) is now in his own band - THE ARMADA - alongside former Tea Party frontman Jeff Martin and bassist Jay Cortez.
The sound of their debut album ‘Armada' is full blown bombastic rock.

Read the full interview here

New Single out now!
24 Oct 2009
The Armada's new single - 'A Line In The Sand' - is out now! You can request the song at your local radio station in Australia and purchase the single as a bonus disc with the Armada album at the upcoming Armada acoustic dates! Beside 'A Line In the Sand' the single features the song 'Baby's Come Undone' and the Atlas Mountains Mix of Morocco that Jeff did early in the year in
Poons Head.

Meanwhile: please note that the gig on November 20 has been moved from Bendigo to Moorabin!

Upcoming Oz Tour...
11 Sep 2009

Jeff Martin here...
25 Aug 2009

To those this may concern,

The uncontrollable yet slightly foreseeable events of the last two
months has led to the unfortunate announcement that is the cancellation
of the Armada's first European tour.

I understand and sympathize with those who are frustrated and
disappointed by this outcome but at this time I would like to be
afforded the opportunity to elucidate the reasons behind this
regrettable decision.

The problematic overtones concerning issues of immigration are quite
real. As some of you are aware, my son Django was born here in Australia
just shy of 5 years ago. As the father of my child, it is my duty to
insure that his lively hood and well being comes before any of my
pursuits, artistically or selfishly ( sometimes the same thing...). I
have been, for months now,. in the process of obtaining a permanent visa
to remain here in Australia in order to facilitate that connection
between a father and son... Rock stars get no special treatment when it
comes to queues concerning the red tape of governments, nor should they.

If I was to leave Australia at this time during this period of
processing, it would significantly decrease my chances of obtaining the
visa status necessary. I have weighed the options, family must come first.

To quote an REM song.. oh no, I've said too much, I've said enough.

On behalf of Wayne Sheehy, Jay Cortez and I, we hope this message
restores some respect towards the ongoing saga that is the Armada. It is
our collective intention to procure the ways and means necessary to
bring the Armada, all guns firing to Europe and North America. There is
a great team behind this ship, dedicated and passionate towards the cause.

I humbly appreciate and greatly respect your continued passion and
perseverance towards and concerning the music of the Armada.

It passes over...
Yours sincerely,
Jeff Martin

Download Armada album
23 Aug 2009
The Armada debut album is now also available for digital download at CD Baby.

Meanwhile if you would like to order a hard copy of the album at Kingdom Records we offer you free shipping!

Wayne's statement
17 Aug 2009
I guess by now a lot of you will have learnt that our European sojourn is postponed due to immigration issues completely out of our control.I would like to apologise on behalf of everyone involved for the disappointment and inconvenience it has and may cause.We are needless to say very disappointed as well and i will be heading to Australia earlier than expected to start writing with Jeff as we are currently in negotiations with a North American label and need to prepare for our next studio release. We will be filming and recording during our Australian tour in November with a DVD and Live acoustic Armada album very much in mind for Christmas stocking fillers!!! ..We (Jeff and I ) will be blogging for the next few weeks and will have more to say on all subjects .Once again sincere apologys to all deckhands .
Sincerely WP

16 Aug 2009
The tour has been cancelled due to unforeseen issues with immigration. The Armada will be using the time to start writing songs for the new album, and scheduling next years tour itinerary.

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