Jeff Martin was raised in Windsor, Ontario and started playing the guitar at
age 8. He formed his first band at age 11 and decided, then and there, that
this is what he wanted to do with his life. In high school he was challenged
b y an older student to learn a blues-inspired Led Zeppelin song which
inspired his father, a blues fan, to turned him on to the blues standards. Jeff caught on quickly and could frequently be found jamming with professional bands from the Windsor Detroit area while still in his teens. During his teens
he was also given a copy of The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's album and his
imagination was captured by the instrumentation of Within You Without You.
Jeff developed a fascination with eastern tunings and instruments, a preoccupation he later indulged with great success as a member of the
seminal Canadian band, The Tea Party. Jeff is also a producer. In addition to producing or co-producing all of The Tea Party's albums he has worked with artists such as Tenth Planet and Hundred Mile House and has recorded with David Usher, Conjure One and Todd Kerns.
On his leaving university, Wayne  joined/ formed Cactus World News and signed to MCA (Universal) Records USA/UK Rondor publishing.
Cactus World News worked with Bono, Andy Wallace (Nirvana etc.), Chris Kimsey (Stones etc.) amongst other well known producers. They sold over 150,000 albums in the USA and were the No. 1 college radio band in the Rolling Stone magazine poll 2 years running. The band folded due to “musical differences”.
Following this Wayne joined and was signed to Island records with Hinterland. With the dissolving of Hinterland Wayne commenced his career as a player/writer/producer recording artist and worked with artists like Ron Wood  (Rolling Stones), Bo Diddley, Hothouse Flowers, Robert Palmer, Eric Burdon and many more.
Wayne is now focused solely on his own compositions and projects, including his new band The Armada which he formed with Ex-The Tea Party singer/guitarist and multiinstrumentalist Jeff Martin. When not touring with Jeff and The Armada Wayne is working on soundtracks for film and his own TV show “The last pub in Ireland".
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